Spotted! Tan Jack Ying

Jack Ying is a young art-practitioner who received her BA(Hons) Fine Arts from LASALLE in 2010. Her experience of shifting from one environment to another sparked off her interest to explore the notion of change, which subsequently resulted in her investigations on temporality, construction and displacement. Shifting (Re)Iteration is a series of artwork that evidenced her interests in home and displacement. Moving on from the Shifting (Re)Iteration series, she is now directing her interests to the notion of loss and death.

“Shifting (Re)Iteration III is an investigation on the relation of home and security; objects and memories,” Jack Ying explains. “Our home, however, is built upon the memories that have been created in a domestic space. In a lot of ways, objects in a domestic space are like footages that give trace memories of the inhabitants. It is important for human beings to make sense of the past so that we can be certain of who we are in the present. Memory – in many ways is a form of story telling about our past, and is an essential element in giving us our sense of belonging; our identity. To forget is to lose a memory, which leads to an uncertainty to our past and thus makes one experience displacement. Therefore, to avoid this uncertainty, there is a desire to remember and to protect memory from being lost. The desire to remember can be seen from our behaviour. An example is when shifting, the object or personal belonging such as cup; chair, table, wardrobe or bed that we use daily are often wrapped and kept in a box and brought to the new place. Objects in a domestic space are often seen as something with sentimental value. However, originally, objects are meaningless, it is through experiences and interactions with these objects in a domestic space where one gives it a value, a sentimental meaning or memory to it. Therefore, the act of wrapping and keeping can be seen as a form of protection – protection to the intangible memories, behaviour of the old place. We therefore desire the status-quo.”

Jack Ying has participated in numerous exhibitions and received awards such as the 27th UOB painting of the year (2008), the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship (2008), the Winston Oh Travel Award, NAC Arts bursary in 2009. In 2010, she emerged winner of the France + Singapore New Generation Artist award and held her first solo exhibition at Alliance Francaise de Singapour.



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