OIC Turns Four: Get Involved!

The  Organisation of Illustrators Council turns four, and they are giving all Singapore based illustrators a chance to show off their work on a new platform that will be launched some time closer to their anniversary, on 18th October 2010.


  1. Register here
  2. Download the instructions
  3. Post questions here


  1. This call for entries is open to all budding students/ hobbyist/ professional illustrators residing and practicing in Singapore.
  2. No age limit.
  3. You can submit maximum 3 entries per artist based on any combination of the listed themes.
  4. New Artwork preferred.
  5. Artwork must be submitted as instructed and in the stated formats and sizes. Read the instructions.
  6. Each artist must have a proper dedicated folio blog of illustrated works with contact info ( email address / hp number etc ).
  7. Only selected works will be featured on our final “project” based on careful evaluation by OIC’s selection panel to ensure quality control. This clause is only added to assure participants we hope to uphold quality and good work..
  8. Closing date is 31st July 2010 2359hrs


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