Spotted! Kelvin Atmadibrata

Born in 1988 in Jakarta, Kelvin Atmadibrata has been living in Singapore for the past eight years. Currently pursuing a BFA in Interactive Media at the NTU School of Art, Design and Media, Kelvin’s main practice involves installation, performance and mixed media works.

“For me, the process and research of art making becomes more important than the formal qualities of the works,” Kelvin says. “By creating installation and performance pieces, I am able to explore art as a documentation and a study of the subjects that I am working on. I am particularly interested in creating characters and landscapes which mimic the uncanny attributes found in RPG video games, hence art making becomes a realization of a personal fantasy.”

Men and Acorns -featured above- is a series of works exploring the idea of body, sexuality and authority within the concept of men. “I like using receipts, because I find that they are different, visually interesting and they evolve with time. In this series of mixed media works, I am experimenting with various materials, including tissue paper and cut-out drawings. Acorns are used as a satirical symbol for men’s genitals, and was previously used by Michelangelo for his athlete paintings in the Sistine Chapel.”

Make sure to click on the images, to see the other works in the series.

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