Spotted! Yvonne Chua

Yvonne Chua is a  recent graduate from the Industrial Design course at NUS. “I entered this course because I believed that design could bring joy in life, and I still believe it should,” Yvonne explains. “Learning to design, I’ve learned that different kinds of joy affect different people; that there are a lot of hidden joys out there. And so sometimes it’s more about how to find them and make them discoverable rather than trying to create a new ‘joy’.”

About the design: “The vase was a result of a workshop with Hans Tan Studio, attempting to redefine and re-conceptualize a ‘common’ vase. One definition: “A vase creates space”.  A vase of flowers is a spot of colour in the room, a bit of life, and maybe joy. But do we necessarily need physical objects to fulfill that purpose? Maybe a shadow, changing as light changes in the room, and forming, magically, a familiar shape can serve to bring just as much interest.”



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