Spotted! Poh Ling Chan

Prior to the pursuit of a BFA (photography) in the School of Art, Design & Media, Nanyang Technological University, Poh Ling studied painting in Nanyang Junior College’s Art Elective Program. “I enjoy the realism both media can provide, but I am now working primarily with photography as I love the immediacy it can create,” she adds.

Poh Ling wants to share her views and the nuances of life she sees, with others, especially Singaporeans, and her observation is often quirky. With her versatility in different media, Poh Ling aims to use new and interactive media to engage the new generation in art.

About the work: “Stockpiles are storage sites for bulk materials. These images are taken at stockpiles for sand, gravel, cement powder, etc. Some of them are important commercial materials imported from neighboring countries like Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and China to support construction in Singapore, and are used to make concrete. Once they are unloaded from the trucks, they are pushed into heaps with machinery. Some of these stockpiles stand as high as 6 to 8 storeys high. Besides forming expansive and barren landscapes, the stockpiles are often wrapped with man-made materials like heavy plastic sheets, perforated netting and fishing nets to prevent erosion when it rains.”

“The stockpiles are situated in various parts of Singapore,” Poh Ling continues. “By manipulating the exposures for some of the photographs, these man-made landscapes can look picturesque. They also reflect my psyche as I attempt to construct artificial, romantic landscapes in this urban environment. My impressions of landscapes are mostly formed by the media; landscape images I come across in books, magazines, television and movies. With a tad of imagination, beauty can be found in the mundane and right at home. Imagination can transform reality and translate into illusion.”



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