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Muhammad Nuruddin -aka Dyn– graduated from Nanyang with a Diploma in Fine Arts, majoring in Photography. He started his fine arts journey as a graffiti artist, winning first place in the Hugo Boss graffiti competition at Bugis Junction in 2008. A finalist in Nikon’s Singapore Flyer competition, his image was awarded the Most Innovative Night Shot. The National Museum of Singapore showcased his photos as part of the opening ceremony for the Greek Louvre Sculpture exhibition. Organised by Objectifs, his documentary of night scenes in Singapore was selected for the Month of Photography 2009.

Dyn about his work, Night Walks at Tellytubby Land: “I have always been obsessed with the night and the different shadows on the land caused by moonlight or other light sources. Located at the northern part of Singapore, the locals call it the ‘Tellytubby Land’ due to its hilly terrains. The home of the Tellytubbies, a children television series, share similar qualities to this landscape. Its distance from busy streets adds to its meditative calmness. I am inspired by Richard Long’s landscape photographs where “nature has always been recorded by artist”. For him, walking has a cultural history; from the Pilgrims to the Wandering Japanese poets to the English Romantics to contemporary long distance walkers. By walking through the land at night, I seek to explore the space, time and the hidden characteristic that surface at night. The lights trails became evidence of my presence and interaction on a space that may not remain the same in times to come.”

Dyn’s work is part of a Contemporary Photography show, titled Through The Looking Glass. The exhibition opens tomorrow at 2902 Gallery, and runs through 7 May.



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