Spotted! Nur Fajrina Abdul Razak

Nur Fajrina Abdul Razak is currently a third year student in the Department of Fine Art at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), majoring in Photography. Her works explore the notion of self, the questioning of her identity: of being a woman, Malay and a Muslim. She works in a variety of disciplines, including photography, drawing, video and writing, and has exhibited nationally, including Women in Arts Festival -“Poetry in Action – Women’s Lives” organized by Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation.

Fajrina about her series, Healing Identity: “The series is a newly found spirituality. Based on my own personal experience, as an individual who once felt soulless and self-detached, I found a recovery of notion of self through writing on space. These light writings are based on my thoughts on living, praying, loving and longing – which I hardly shares with anyone.”

Fajrina’s work is part of the Upfront exhibition at 2902 Gallery. The show closes on 17 April.



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