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The theory is simple: If there is no problem, there is no need for a solution. The problem for this award-winning industrial design maven was simple enough – he had a wish list for the perfect sketchbook no brand has provided to date. For all curious, the wish list was:

1. A sketchbook that highlights the work and not itself
2. Well constructed and affordable
3. No spines getting in the way of cross page sketching
4. Just the right size but with enough space or room to play with
5. “Boundary-less” pages
6. Flexible enough to do what you will
7. Decent quality paper that takes all non-wet mediums like ink, pencil or markers.
8. Appeals to everyone, not just designers

After weeks of painful research and prototyping, the Spaces for Ideas sketchbook was born and is now available for pre-order at a fairly reasonable price of USD15.00.

We caught up with this local guy, to find out more.

1. Introduce yourself to our readers.
Hi, my name is Brian but online I often go by the title Design Translator.  I’m a designer, entrepreneur, and blogger at the uber ninja strategic design blog Design Sojourn. And oh, I love Italian pizzas and Soya Mochas!

2. What inspired you to produce Spaces for Ideas?
I have always had a strong passion for sketchbooks or notebooks since my days at school.  I love collecting them as well as folders of all kinds.  These days as a designer, this passion continues to find an outlet in my every growing shelf of sketchbooks.  Unfortunately I could never find a sketchbook that fit all my needs, frustrated I set out to develop a range of sketchbooks that better fulfill the special needs of creative people.

This was when Spaces for Ideas was born.  This innovative stationary brand was launched together with its first product the Spaces for Ideas Sketchbook.   This expandable sketchbook is representative of the brand that is a product “designed for people not afraid of big ideas”.  To celebrate this launch we are now offering a 15% Pre-order discount at the Spaces for Ideas Store.

3. What would your next project be?
My next project will be continuing to develop and expand the range of stationary products under the Spaces for Ideas brand.  I won’t say too much more, but the next sketchbook will be specially “designed for people not afraid of exploring ideas”!

Read about Brian’s journey in creating his dream sketchbook:

1) Spaces for Ideas: The Beginning
2) Spaces for Ideas: The First Prototype
3) Spaces for Ideas: The Brand
4) Spaces for Ideas: The Final Prototype



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