Spotted! Eunice Ng



Currently taking her Bachelor of Arts (Hons) at LASALLE College of the Arts, Eunice Ng is also the recipient of the Winston Oh Travel Research Award 2009/2010.  Although her wire installations may seem fragile at first glance, there is strength in numbers and a sense of curiosity about the construction, and attention to detail is aroused when exploring her installation.

Eunice about her work: “The installation seeks to engage the viewer at a site which the commonplace and often overlooked by passersby that encounter it as the move from one point to another.  Its almost invisible appearance of thin white wire structure against an expanse of white walls intrigues and beckons the viewer to draw a little closer and tarry a little longer within its fragile embrace.  Like mist that has been mysteriously suspended in time and space, the viewer is caught up in a conscious moment of the transitory in-between.”

Eunice’s wire installation will be on display at the Moments Visual Arts exhibition which opens tomorrow, and remains at Orchard Central through 29 March.



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