Spotted! Kong Chong Yew



Kong Chong Yew graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in 2006, and is currently pursuing his passion in photography at the NTU School of Arts, Design and Media. “I picked up photography accidentally when I wanted a change of co-curriculum activity,” Chongyew explains. “In my second year, I joined the school’s photography club and fell in love with black and white photography.”

Chongyew’s pictures have won him several accolades at national level, notably in 2005 when he came in first in the NUS montage student category.

“As a documentary photographer, I am interested in the relationship between my subjects and their surroundings,” Chongyew says about his work. “In the Small Things series -pictured above- my subjects are seen making a conscious decision -or they are the result of a conscious decision- which suggests that they are in control of their will. Yet is this true? Pitted against the environment, my subjects are placed in an uncomfortable and awkward position, questioning their control over what they thought they have over themselves.”



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