birdmandog’s Mind Roots MV

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The Karma of the Tree Sentinel who Awakes/Mind Roots MV is an experimental short film and music video inspired by Mind Roots from The Observatory’s latest album, Dark Folke.  The film is produced by local film collective birdmandog, and based on a short poem written by the band’s songwriter Leslie Low for the album:

“They have no voice for their mouths are covered. They cannot move for their bodies are stiff. But their minds are free. Their eyes are no longer prisons. When the hour of the owl comes, they will enter the tree through a triangle. The triangle is a doorway. The tree is a cave. The tree echoes their every thought, breath and step. And while there is no light, they remain hidden but not forgotten …. Dark Folke, 1 July.”

Director Yuan Ler about the video: “Using a combination of stop motion photography, hi-definition video and 3D animation, Karma tracks the journey of Sentinel 5, who awakes from a deep slumber in limbo to begin a journey that will take her to The Triangle – a monolith of unknown origins. Karma is an experimental film that explores themes of existentialism, regret, and life beyond death.”



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