Spotted! Sazeli Jalal



Sazeli Jalal majored in Interior Design from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Self-taught, he accidentally found his photographic career when he worked for the Germany-based artists’ network Artyfakt.

Sazeli’s influence in art, architecture and photography has pushed his boundaries into other areas as well such as installation art and even collaborations with film directors. He even made several short films.

His works have been featured and reviewed by specialist magazines. Sazeli has since photographed for major publications, and has shot campaigns for fashion and accessory brands.

About his work: “The idea that a fashion photograph is just a record of a dress is no longer true. I have always believed that ideas/concepts are what define artists, not their techniques. I am a storyteller, I like to create a narrative which has a dialogue that speaks for itself. My direction is mostly very stylized right down to every single detail, from making the set design to getting the right props that fit the “dialogue”. Creating something surreal, sometimes creates an element of surprise in my works but I always like to add on a bit of reality, which is essential because I believe that it is something we could relate to rather than just a dream. In a sense its an “amplified reality”.”



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