Spotted! Jodi Tan

Jodi Tan - Meat, 2009, Oil on plywood, 60x60cm

Jodi Tan - Subete, 2009, Oil on plywood, 60x60cm

Jodi Tan is a Fine Arts Painting student at Lasalle College of the Arts, graduating in May 2010.

Enticed by visuals, painting has become her method of creating images that engage. “With my palette of chromatic greys, I seek to fabricate atmospheric moods, aiming to coax the viewer into an entirely different realm of emotions,” Jodi explains. “An uncanny balance as well as the contrast of both ambiguity and familiarity formulates the presence of confusion and doubt. In recent works, I am beginning to explore more material and object-based ways of working, as well as installations, to further push the idea of the experience”

The featured works are part of a series titled Timetrip, Jodi’s view of how time and space affects the way we think, act, and remember. “Experiences such as a vacation or a hospital stay are instances of “timetrips” that one takes. When one looks back and tries to recall that experience, it seems almost unreal, surreal, when in actual fact it has indeed happened.”



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