Spotted! Godwin Koay



The Painting that is Not, or, an Allegory of Futility in Conflict. Photographic prints, and oil on canvas.

Godwin Koay is midway through his BA in Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts.  His initial specialty of choice was digital painting, and he even contemplated becoming an illustrator.

“Going through art school has changed much of the way I see things,” he continues. “Life cannot possibly be just about seeking comfort in endless consumption and the perpetual race for Better. Multitudes of these variably seemingly inconsequential predicaments come to mean an uneasy coexistence with the world, and this greatly informs the way I (try to) approach art and living – with criticality and discernment. Chief and current amongst these precarious relationships is my attempt to reconcile newfound anarcho-pacifist convictions with an indoctrinated militarist tendency, or to find out if that is at all possible. This occurs in parallel to attempts of subverting conventionalised ideas of image and art making and viewing, or again, to find out where such interests may lead as they converge.”


Godwin about his work: “In “The Painting that is Not”, I was looking at quite a few issues. For the most part it is about the perception of reality constructed by images we see, and how this could potentially fuel a skewed representation of things. The futility of conflict is mirrored in the futility of my act of painting – all the photographs originated from the same canvas, each image (and face) eventually altered and thus erased, forgotten. Does anyone remember? Can we really care, or are we engaged in endless Oh Dear-ism and armchair politicising? War may seem just when framed in certain contexts; or perhaps art ought to be beautiful and positive and framed and hung – but who decides what these frames are, and are we making any effort to even ask? This obviously overflows from art given how images pervade modern life. I do not have answers for anyone, but I believe art can be a potent starting point for discussion and change, even if I may be lambasted for such idealism.”



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