Spotted! KC Gan


Departure, Mixed Media Assemblage


Amphetamine, Cloth tape on wood board. Click for full view.

KC Gan is a Fine Arts Sculpture student at LaSalle College Of The Arts. Appropriate to his obsessive nature, his entire life revolves around planning, producing, discussing and viewing Visual Art, and seeking the meaning of existence.

KC about his work: “As an artist, I create artwork with the intention of challenging people’s perception of the world around them. Sandwiched between familiarity and discomfort. Serving as a scope, my artwork gives others a peek into my own personal vision of the world. My personal vision of the world is an alternate reality, which resides only within my frame of mind. A world fortified with a thick layer of chaos, creating a strong sense of security, a personal “utopia”. Created through combining, replacing, reducing, imitating and repeating elements of the world around us. The consequences are visions, which even I myself, cannot comprehend yet accept unconditionally. Balancing on a thin line of uncertainty and refuge, my personal world would situate any viewer into a position of improbability. Subsequent to the viewer’s initial reaction, they would attempt to comprehend the vision seen before them. Through this attempt of making sense of the disarray, their imagination is jolted into full throttle.”



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