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In 2008, Terry Yeo graduated from the Universtity of Huddersfields, UK with a BA(Hons) in Fashion Design. In July 2009, Terry and his two buddies -Joe Kee and Ronnie Cheng-  decided to launch the ForInSaneHuman label.

Terry about the label: “We want to create a new style that provides consumers with another option when purchasing, while providing the label opportunities to create a new fashion statement in the local fashion line. We challenge the clubbing style in both the men and ladies wear market by designing over the top, yet wearable designs. Heavy details and the unconventional cutting is the major focus of each collection.”


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About the launch collection: The “Asylum” collection embodies the main element of calm insanity. The “Asylum” attracts certified insane people, a gathering point where twisted imagery of the mind is played over and over again. The collection consists of 5 pieces, each reflecting the elements of the strait jacket and the white room. The inspiration for the collection stems from the strait jacket – a restraining garment, which was found in 1946, used to restrain mental patients. The other inspiration comes from the white room, which is a padded confinement to house mental patients and prevent them from hurting themselves and others. You will find the extensive usage of straps details and the color white throughout the collection. The straps symbolize the harsh realities of life, sufferings that insane people are forced to keep within themselves. While the color white symbolizes the serenity and calmness that all insane people so desperately seek in their lives.”

bedlamite [bed-luh-mahyt] -the menswear label- will be available at Parco Millenia, from April 2010 onwards. bedlam [bed-luhm] -the womenswear label- is scheduled to launch late 2010.



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