+65 Indie Underground


Hitting the shelves today is +65 Indie Underground, a three-CD compilation documenting the D-I-Y Indie band scene from the mid 80s to present. With the success of 100 Greatest Singapore 60s: The Definitive Collection and More Singapore 60s: Treasures From The Vault, another important period in Singapore music history has now been documented.

The collection features 50 tracks in total from the following artists: Typewriter. Postbox. The Marilyns. A Vacant Affair. Amateur Takes Control. MUON. The Analog Girl. B-Quartet. The Great Spy Experiment. I Am David Sparkle. Astreal. Lunarin. Opposition Party. Ronin. Electrico. The Observatory. aspidistrafly. Serenaide. Tiramisu. Force Vomit. Plainsunset. Boredphucks. The Ordinary People. Livonia. Stroll. Psycho Sonique. Sugaflies. Stoned Revivals. Etc. Concave Scream. Kelvin Tan. The Lilac Saints. Suchness. The Mother. Stompin’ Ground. Humpback Oak. The Pagans. S.U.D.S. Padres. Watchmen. The Oddfellows. The Nonames. Convent Garden. Nunsex. Global Chaos. Twang Bar Kings. Daze. Corporate Toil. Razor’s Edge. Zircon Lounge.

For a taste of what to expect, here is an excerpt from +65 Indie Underground written by X’Ho: “Is Singapore rock alive and free at last? Growth – with stunted roots – is surely a struggle, especially where a collective mind-set is concerned. But we try … what with punk being post-punk now, firmly entrenched in the mainstream. To those who forged in the 80s, we thank and remember for sowing the seeds.”

+65 Indie Underground is available from all major stores.



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