Like Fins for Feet: Eat. Drink. Fold. Sew. Draw. Books. Bags.


“One day, you awake to find a Blue Whale in your room. It is no different from the wind blowing across your path a moth or a paper bag. Once you get over the Whaleness of the moment, your day goes on, like it did yesterday, and most likely, like it will tomorrow. Today however..”

For those who missed the official launch of Like Fins for Feet, an all-ages picture book published under the First Time Writers and Illustrators Initiative, this evening is for you. Not so much a book launch as it is a reason for authors Perry Ho and Kristal Melson to meet friends and strangers alike before the year draws to a close.

About Perry and Kristal

Perry Ho’s learning curve for the form (writing that is) began in Poly where he wrote short stories, short films, and one feature length script. In Uni, he focused on smaller outcomes, writing poems the size of postage stamps, short stories the size of photographs, and one short film. These days, existence has been pared down to one perpetual thought– to comma or semi-colon? that, is the question. Now, parted with academic life, he looks to realise at least one of these. Till then, he keeps an umbrella close by, even when it is raining. And he never chews anything straight off the bone.

Kristal Melson is mostly an illustrator. Boom! Bang! Pow! There goes Kristal. Out the door, spinning around, turning plain things into gold. Wearing mittens to stop things from changing! Hiding in the dark and playing wildly in the night, Kristal Melson captures dreams with pencils and paints alike. Fantastical wonderings, fleeting feet, dancing toes and spiraling tips are all a part of her charm and mystique. Drifting in and out of galaxies at the twitching of her thumbs, she leaves a trail of her doodling behind in large unhealthy clumps. Curvy 5 and Grafuck 3 – in Melbourne and Los Angeles, it doesn’t matter where she’s been or even what she should have seen. Just walk along now little one, and have some ice cream. Child, it does not matter if you don’t like ice-cream.

Saturday, 12 December, 4pm at BooksActually. Also available at this event will be original drawings and selected merchandise.



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