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Herman Salleh aka Herms Herman, recently earned his Hons Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts.

He is also one of three cherry-picked young artists whose works have been commissioned for the Totally Babilicous! exhibition, which opens today at the SMU concourse.

Herman’s work strongly resembles contemporary street art despite the use of traditional images.  His use of spray paint and obvious admiration of fashion, give his work an edgy and modern feel. The melange of loud and varied colors on his canvases, is reflective of the diverse roots and rich heritage that defines Peranakan culture.  Says Herman: “In an era where borders are rendered futile in a fast paced and ever changing world, the fusion of different hues and tones in my work celebrate the adaptable and fluid nature of Peranakan culture.”

Totally Babilicous! The Peranakan Festival runs through 6 Dec at the SMU Concourse.



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