Spotted! Zak Yeo Zhixiong

Father and Son - $3000 w_o frame

Zak Yeo aka zyeo was born in 1984, and pursued a degree at Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. The subject matter of his work is often based on a satirical and self-mocking approach towards modern life. By translating his relationship with society into art, Zak hopes to be able to engage the viewers in constructing and projecting their narrative upon the painting.

“Spending the last 4 years working in London has been a great privilege and really opened me up as an artist as well as a person,” Zak explains. “Being brought up in Singapore, a place with strict codes and structures, London has definitely introduced and got me interested in many other working methodologies. Being blessed with this new knowledge, coming back home now puts me in an precarious but extremely exciting position questioning art and its functions.”

zak yeo - revenge of the couch potato

Zak’s work has also been influenced by photography on a more formal level. “Through painting, I want to question and investigate why Realism of the photograph has always been the accepted and conventional mode of vision. This fascination with how people read paintings in relation to ‘realism’ led me to experiment with fabrication of reality and breaking down of illusions. The ability to use paint to re-invent reality into constructed signs of visual language and symbols, allows me to stimulate our senses to question what we are seeing on the canvas. Is the paint supposed to be a facade of illusion, or is it an existent surface constructed by different colors, form, texture and marks?”



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