Exhibition: Small Thoughts, Big Ideas


What do you get when you release 15 accomplished industrial designers from their strict corporate guidelines; and give them permission to “design anything they want”?

To find out, visit the “Small Thoughts, Big Ideas” exhibition, held at The Arts House, from 21-29th November.

Known as The Little Thoughts Group, the participating designers are practicing professionals, working for electronic, automotive, computer, furniture, sports and other companies – in Singapore as well as various parts of Asia. Their work is the expression of their different backgrounds and deeply personal perspectives. And the exhibition was conceptualized as a look into a designer’s mind when he’s not at his day job!

From electrical appliances to furniture; from decorative ornaments to fascinating gadgets, the work on display includes experimental installations and even ideas that never saw the light of day – concepts in the form of models, idea sketches and art-work. Every design has an engaging story. Some are fascinating, some moving, some inspiring, some simply amusing.

Small Thoughts, Big Ideas,  from 21-29th November at The Arts House.



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