Jordan Ng: Nature / Future



As a partner of the Singapore Design Festival 2009, House will be hosting a high street exhibit with Jordan Ng, a local graffiti spray artist who is more comfortable out on the streets than at home. Using a technique he learnt as a kid from a fellow spray artist in Australia, Jordan has been doing “space paintings” for over a decade, manipulating spray paints with creased paper and knives as his only tools. His paintings meld a vision of the natural and the futuristic in his landscapes, offering interpretations both feminine and the masculine.

Jordan Ng about his work: “Spraypainting is reckoned as a rouge artform, synonymous with the character I possess, that of the non-conformist. Although as the artist, I am constantly intrigued by my own work – the speed at which something is created from nothing, being able to see and control the beginning and the end. Space is boundless and the places and images portrayed in my paintings are visions limited only by the human imagination. As the world around me evolves, so do my paintings. Although one might seem similar to another, it is different yet again. This is the result of invisible forces which alter the textures which appear.”

Nature / Future opens on November 5 and runs through 30 November.



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