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Paper Couture (4)

From brown paper, toilet paper and tracing paper to old magazines and newspapers, the pictured outfit, is a nod to the sheer ubiquity of paper in urban life, and an indictment of its wanton waste. But a little imagination and some assistance, go a long way in transforming rubbish into wearable art,  or what the Test Shoot Gallery (TSG) folks like to call, Paper Couture.

TSG founder, Ashburn Eng, and his design assistant, Shanna Matthew, spent two weeks conceptualizing and experimenting with the designs and materials, and another 364 hours to complete the outfits. “Each of the outfits were painstakingly put together through multiple fittings, piece by piece of recycled paper, commanding the attention to detail worthy of fashion’s best,” Ashburn explains. “We got the idea some six months ago. I noticed that there were too many unused materials piling up around the studio from spring cleaning. From the pile of discarded items, it struck me that I could work on something interesting from the cast offs. The fall of the paper as it unrolls, the structural shape of an egg tray, the crisp sound of the newspaper as it is being crushed together; these invoke visions of what the outfits will look like, as excitement flows my mind, energizing the flow of the process.”

Paper Couture (7)

Test Shoot Gallery (TSG) is an online gallery which helps promote new artists through unique art and fashion collaborations.”We are not only about fashion,” Ashburn clarifies. “We aim to become a platform to feature multi-disciplinary forms of art, to be a place of pop culture, design and fashion. We do not deny our fashion roots, but we are also anti-fashion, non trend following and will definitely not mumble on about the current trends.

We have many regular contributors behind TSG that help make it possible. I am glad that when I first started out, I received the help of these wonderful people and still have them standing by my side,  building the backbone of TSG.”



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