Spotted! Shaun Tan


The Secret’s in the Telling.

Shaun Tan likes to capture moments in time which are perceived as part and parcel of daily lives. Ordinary visual stimulants that are so common they no longer register consciously in our heads. “These fleeting moments are trivial yet important,” Shaun explains. “They present themselves in preparation for a greater event, a moment where it becomes something worth remembering an anticipation of the future. We consume these moments without thought or reaction while they appear and disappear at whim.”


The series of photographs pictured above, were taken in the face of fleeing reality. People remember the beginnings and the ends, very rarely what happens in between. “And yet it is what happens in between that gives meaning to what we do,” says Shaun. “To paraphrase Florence Paradeis- There is no real action in these photographs. Nothing is happening – at least nothing that warrants being photographed- “The only thing that is portrayed are the hollow moments in the passing of time.”

Shaun’s work is showing in a group exhibition titled, Shooting Home, taking place until 21 October at The Arts House.



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