Spotted! April Zeng


Creative juices are part of April Zeng‘s daily diet. Thinking out of the box spurs her on.

“It comes naturally for us to think pigs exist solely as food for Man,” April explains. “Every life holds various meanings and purposes, including a pig’s existence. But Man disregards this and turned their lives into a process of being farmed and slaughtered. Karma has its way of turning fate on its head. Will Man become the new Pig in time to come?

April believes that inspiration hits you like the wind. “You need to grab hold of the moment and start creating, as you never know when the wind will stop blowing. This is why I choose to immerse myself into my work when creativity beckons. I enjoy seeing things from a different perspective, turning my viewpoint upside down, and inside out. How would it feel to be eaten by the things we usually eat? How would we feel to lose the things we have in our everyday life?”



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