We Share Stories

An interesting concept by two human beings, Fajar Kurnia and Jeremy Chia. In their own words:

It’s unlikely that film photography is going to survive the next 50 years in the way it’s currently used. “We Share Stories” tries to imagine a different use for film in the future.

In the future, our lives will be so interconnected with one another, making communication easier and more instantaneous. But that also makes it more fleeting. For a more personal approach to sharing stories, we could use film.

Here’s how it works: You would shoot your roll of film, drop it off undeveloped at a repository and swap it for another roll.

The whole experience is voyeuristic as you’d be seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. And the process of developing the film adds a dash of unexpectedness. It’s an altogether slower, more considered way of sharing our stories.


“We Share Stories” is an exhibition that’s participating in the Singapore Design Festival 2009. Responding to their theme of “Design 2050”- to envision scenarios of how life can be different, we explore an alternative use for film photography for the future.

20 – 30 Nov 2009
86 Club Street, Singapore



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