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The pictured office murals from the talented Andy Yang look nothing short of amazing, as we have come to expect from the man. Andy hand painted the murals using acrylic/oil paints, spray paints and collage. “The brief for the mural was to awaken the creative curiosity within the dwellers in the agency,” Andy explains. “An imaginative landscape of the heart and mind that gives life to it’s surroundings with a simple story of ideas in the form of bulbs. The idea was based partially on the advertising agency’s manifesto which celebrate the spirit of being “First”. I used a mix of brushes and palette knives to produce simple, expressive line strokes. Gold and copper mixed with warm colors were used extensively throughout to add warmth and drama.”

Andy has been fiddling with different art mediums for the past ten years. His work was showcased by a number of publications including ‘My Favourite Moleskine Exhibition’ organized by PageOne and the Tiger Translate Book.  He also exhibited at the TRUST Online Museum, had two shows at The Asylum, and participated in the 2007 “Le Monde est A Nous” group exhibition.



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