The Unfamiliarity of the Familiar


The Modern Nomads by Jean Qingwen Loo.

Curated by Francis Ng, the exhibition “The Unfamiliarity of the Familiar” at the Arts House (1 October till 21 October) shows the photographic works of nine diversely different individuals coming together to present their point of view and their take on the world and issues around them. These individuals – students, homemakers, and young professionals amongst them – use the language of photography to create their narratives on themes ranging from alienation, familial ties, identity to sexuality.

The intention of each artist is to bring a facet of their experience of the unfamiliar in things that are familiar to us. In the process of doing so, a new light is shed on sights and scenes that are commonly seen around us such that they become somewhat less predictable and a little more unfamiliar.

Despite the diversity of the themes and influences found in the works, the exhibition aims to achieve cohesiveness in the overall presentation through strategic investigative motifs and approaches. And in so doing, it is hoped that these approaches will give rise to new insights and spectacles of the modern world.

1 till 21 October, 10 am – 10pm daily. There will be a Guided Tour on Saturday, 10 October from 2.30pm – 3.30pm.



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