Dawn of the Midnight Shift


Singapore’s electronic music scene receives a long-overdue jolt, with the pitching up of a brand new afterhours party. One that was always there but never seen. A strictly invite-only party, Midnight Shift opens its doors at 1am with a musical call to the industries of the night.

Built by a team of music creatives determined to change the flaccid local party modus operandi, observe the fundamentals of a new scene in order: It’s the second wave, the encore, the b-side. For those who have just warmed up to get their bedtime fix.  International and local music souls will be playing sounds from as early as the 70s to the present (and future) with the right purpose and service to the transcendent; the Zeitgeist, the Aufhebung.

The first Midnight Shift will happen on October 23rd at sound signature Helipad. Two mysterious guest, revealed only by word-of-mouth from those in-the-know, will collaborate for the first time. Log on to mnshift.com to reserve your seats at the ringside club, and to find out who else is up on the Shift.



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