Spotted! han Tan


Singapore-born han grew up in Kuching, Malaysia, where a different pace of life attuned him to the neglected and the forgotten in contemporary society.

As a documentary photographer, han has been archiving the work of artists since 2003. He also contributed to a variety of publications and periodicals including Singapore Architect and d + a. han was also a color supervisor and still photographer of two of Sherman Ong’s films, Flood and Drought.  His joint documentary -Protecting you & yours 24/7- with Ray Chua and Chan Bin Kan was featured in the National Museum of Singapore in November 2008.


The pictured book -the sky i wish to share with you- is a collection of artwork, in the form of a series of postcards, installations and video resulting from han’s unrequited longing. Scenes of encounters shot by the artist, sometimes accompanied with notes, serve as a way to share moments which han could not bring to his loved one. As interplays of real and simulated sites conjure up familiar cinematic states, this project begins his response to the speed of contemporary society; a mediation of his need for nostalgic emotional experiences.

Mark Your calendar for the official book launch on 9 September, 8 pm at Polymath & Crust (86 Club Street).



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