Swimming Lessons by Kat Goh


On the way to the airport, a mother frets over her daughter who is leaving home for the first time. Suddenly, she finds herself on a curious detour that plumbs muddy memories, only to surface with a dazzling lesson in both life and swimming.

This is the synopsis for “Swimming Lessons”, an SIFF-winning short film by SIFF Best Director, Kat Goh.

Kat about her movie: “Most Singaporeans have the luxury of growing up living under the protection of their parents. However, we often hear complaints from our young generation about over-protective parents. Are their parents really so unreasonable or do they just love their children too much? Maybe the best thing to do is to just let go.”

A veteran of television production, Kat is one of the few female filmmakers to emerge from Singapore. Cutting her teeth on epic TV productions during an eight-year stint at both MCS and Channel U, Kat’s work on the small screen includes the highly-rated comedy series Durian King (2004).



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