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I’ve been meaning to post up reckless ericka’s wicked cool designs for a little while now. Pictured is a look from their first collection, “Brit Kid goes to India”, featuring cut-out tops, layered cropped jackets, Union-Jack inspired multi-wearable garments, silk-screened leggings and a mad mix of checked outfits with turban-like headgear and  zany accessories.

“It is a mish-mash of multi-layering and colors, fusing the spirit of naturalness and grunginess,” Afton explains. “Playing with tactile qualities and cut, the tailored jackets, draped tops, and layered silhouette, emphasizes the beautiful facets of the human body. Though adaptable to whomever wears our collection, it bears our strong and impertinent style.”


reckless ericka is basically a three-gals, one-guy operation. Designers Afton Chen, Diorelle Sy and Ruth Marbun graduated from Raffles Design Institute, Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design), last year. Louis -the dude- is in charge of marketing and PR and  graduates next Monday. “The four of us are really good friends and we met in school,” Afton adds. “We started thinking about reckless ericka during our time at the Raffles Design Institute. So it was quite natural for us to work together, and launch our own label in January.”

Afton about the label: “The main concept of reckless ericka is ‘Euro-centric’. We focus on balancing classic tailoring with more avant-garde use of silhouette and colours, and constructing avant-garde silhouettes with classic details. This infuses edginess and quirkiness into our brand, giving it our very own refreshing identity.”



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