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mux is a collective formed by Bani Haykal, Luqman Hakim and Siraaj Anwar; out to experiment and device new performances weaving sound design, music and text.

mux’s approach to performance deals greatly with the coexistence of lateral storytelling and layered, yet minimal, sound and music compositions. The stories they tell incorporate streams of consciousness, almost always resulting the text to become more of an ambient than a direction leading towards an end.

The collective works extensively with guitar pedals, phrase recorders, microphones and various appliances and props to generate live sound samples. Aside from sound ambient, their music works are written and arranged to allow the trio room to intensify the songs, complimenting the nature of the text and its delivery.

Within the collective, Bani Haykal writes and experiments with prose, monologues, poetry and screenplays, often exploring the bleak nature of existence intertwined with fictitious backstories and characters. Luqman Hakim performs the main musical compositions, arranging the pieces to offer fluctuating temperament accordingly. Siraaj Anwar is a sound effects manipulator whose array of props includes an electric shaver, a glockenspiel and wind chimes, creating textures of the performance.

mux has just completed a short story performance -Wally The Watchmaker- for The new Substation website. Watch their facebook page for updates.



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