Spotted! Maria Fung


Round 1: Tongue In Cheek


Round 2: Tough Love

London based graphic and web designer, Maria Fung, won second place in the world renowned digital design tournament, Cut&Paste in London on 4 April. Competing in the 2D category, Maria had to create artworks on Wacom Cintiq 21UX monitors in 15 minutes each based on given themes. “No pre-made or finished images were allowed,” Maria adds. “Armed with only my camera, a bottle and my face, I managed to make it to the final four in the second round, finishing in second place.”

Maria about the competition: “In the first round, themed ‘Tongue-in-cheek, Medium – Album cover’, I used images of my eyes and mouth, to create a gremlin looking creature eating a human isotype. The tagline: All hail the man eater. Fits perfectly for a playful-looking but scary piece.

The second round was about Tough Love, Medium – Billboard. A bottle was the only photographed image, the rest was hand-drawn on Illustrator and added to Photoshop. Based on the concept of Spin the Bottle game, the players were conflicting objects that struggle to land their luck on a complimentary object.”

Maria graduated from the University for the Creative Arts in UK some two years ago, and has worked for various sectors such as music, games, entertainment, PR, events, publishing and charity. The music and video games lover describes her style as being experimental and flexible with an illustrative mix of vectors, mixed media and creative digital retouching.



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