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Imagine pandas reciting haikus, twirling paw for paw in ballet shoes to the tunes of the Beatles … Welcome to the fantastical world of fine art painter Lee Shuxian. Currently studying film in her third year at NTU Art, Design and Media, Shuxian has already showcased her works in sizable art exhibitions at venues like *Scape Youth Park and Ngee Ann City. She has also co-organized and exhibited in a group event entitled “Will You Be So Close” at Chinatown’s Forth Gallery in April 2008. While not painting or making films, she plays bass for her band, The Lentor Incident.

Shuxian’s creations run like the thoughts of a full-time daydreamer, and curl up like a cat on a rainy afternoon. She is heavily inspired by artists such as Gustav Klimt, Jenny Saville and Audrey Kawasaki; and it shows. Yet every piece of work which jumps out of her imagination evokes a quality that is all her own. Preferring oil portraits of female subjects, Shuxian buries an untold story behind every canvas.



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