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Melvin Tan is a visual artist who doesn’t adopt any particular style. He prefers to work in collages by just combining different elements together. ” I feel that art is not a talent, but an “eye” – what you see is not what someone else sees – and by seeing things differently, I do what I do today, constantly bringing out the child in me when working on my art.”

Melvin is always looking forward to paint, draw, or do something aesthetic, but he also believes he can live without making art. “Art isn’t a vital part of my existence,” he adds. “I can not do it at all, but there will always be this urge or tickle to create, craft or draw something somewhere.”

“I was approached by Noise Singapore during the Singapore Youth Festival, and was commissioned to create site-specific works and shoe designs. I have also designed posters for MOE and the Singapore Navy, published short stories in a book, designed book covers, won Gold with Honors at the Singapore Youth Festival in 2008, and I was also selected for the ASEAN/MOE Young Artists Exhibition in 2006.”



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