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Yanny started drawing at a young age, using the living room walls as her canvas, doodling sketches of a charred Little Mermaid, stickmen family portraits with curly hair, houses on legs and images of Snoopy, her fantasy pet dog.

“I like comics especially, ever since rummaging through my brother’s old stack of Bookworm comics,” Yanny adds. “For a period of time, all I did was stay at home and draw comics of little kid gangs and their adventures, and showing them to my buddies on weekends. Art to me that time was something I considered as a hobby, something I did to make up for lack of a social life. Until polytechnic education year one, when my graphic design teacher told me to try my luck and submit some of my works to Noise Singapore. I never really thought of showing my drawings to other people, because I kept thinking they’d never be good enough. But nevertheless, I figured maybe I might get something out of it. Since then a lot of things happened, my works were given media attention, but my art being selected by NAC and exhibited in Tokyo was my proudest moment. My dad always joked, “After all the money I spent on paper, pens and paints … it finally paid off!” For now, I’m thinking of becoming a book illustrator… maybe a comic book artist. I don’t know. Let’s see how it goes.”



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