Spotted! Ronald Leong


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Well it’s no secret that I love photography. So as you might imagine, I was instantly transfixed with Ronald Leong‘s work. Hauntingly perfect in composition, his Fibonacci Rorschach photographs tap at the theme of beauty, and contain enough complexity to allow viewers the freedom to interpret them like Rorschach inkblots.

“We commonly associate human beauty with the face,” Ronald explains. “By adding an essence of the unfamiliar to the face, it becomes something else. The emotional connection changes. People appreciate the face on a different level, stimulating an emotional, perhaps even primordial, reaction that I personally associate with a Rorschach inkblot, or the pattern on a moth’s wings.”

The up-close portraiture compels, because it begs you to look at the details. And yes I agree, the series would look way better on a gallery wall …. but until then, I suggest you click on the images above, lean closer, and detect the Fibonacci component.



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