Spotted! The Wartime Alphabet


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I was browsing though the Strangelets website when I came across their Wartime Alphabet, a series of random thoughts about the state of things in the world. The folks at Strangelets have saved five images from their alphabet in pdf format. They can be snagged from the website and transferred onto stickers, t-shirts and more.

Josh Comaroff about the project: “The alphabet project is under Strangelets, which is a shop but also a site for us to do a number of experiments in graphic design, furniture, music, and basically whatever else appeals to us. The people behind Strangelets are myself and Ong Ker-Shing (Shing), Schirin Taraz-Breinholt, and Wenxian Yeo. All of the partners are involved in other ventures. The alphabet is one of those “simmering” projects that is kind of endlessly ongoing. Shing -my wife and partner-in-crime- and I started it several years ago, after we were horrified by watching the downward spiral of the American war in Iraq, along with what seemed like endless other global craziness. When we started Strangelets, it seemed like a great opportunity to post the graphics on our website to see if people would be interested. Some of the jokes are more obvious than others. We came up with “Homo Sucre,” for example, after I had spent a week back in L.A. (I’m a PhD student at UCLA) and was surprised by the general level of obesity–which somehow seemed even higher than when I was growing up. At that time, I had also been reading the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, and this image was poking fun at one of his famous ideas, which I had found a little silly. “Traife” is Yiddish for “not kosher” and clearly the reference are those Apache helicopters that the Israeli Defense Forces use to bomb houses in Gaza. So as you can see, the references don’t have any particular order.”



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