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Have you ever, at one time or another, wondered what a stranger’s bedroom looks like? Of course you have. Led by that curiosity, 23-year-old Lin Weidong started taking photos of the inner sanctum of twelve random young men, capturing them at that unstable intersection between boyish vulnerability and manly self-possession, Facebook persona and secret self. The result is an intimate and ambiguous suite of portraits titled ‘Quilt’.

Dong about his work: “How can I forget you? I have been to your bedroom!” a lover once told me. It triggered the exploration of this familiar space – our bedrooms; or more specifically, that of strangers or people of whom our acquaintance or understanding must have been enhanced by a visit into the most private of their spaces. I was curious: What do their rooms look like? What do they sleep on or sleep with? These were questions that I asked the boys, some of whom I have since become friends with, and when each revealed dutifully their sleeping habits (postures, positions, preferences), I framed photographs that characterized my impressions of their rooms and their personalities, piecing them together into a Quilt.”


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Of the title, Dong says: “The Quilt is primarily bedding or duvet but it is more importantly also a ‘traditional’ bedding which, in my upbringing, was always a gift from a grandmother or a mother. The Quilt was also always made with careful aesthetic attention and originated from the reluctance to dispose of residual cloth. The Quilt here is therefore really a patchwork of vestigial times and closed spaces. The other implicit associations to the Quilt in my work are also interesting as there is an active international AIDS Quilt community arts project, as well as a widely propagated racial harmony National Education video, “A Singapore Quilt – Threads of Peace”. It is a wonder to me that, while the quilt has become a prevalent symbol of a communal spirit or strength and a ‘reminder’ of these thorny issues yet resolved, the problems themselves are like its fabric – in its delicateness and systematized ordered chaos.”



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