Spotted! Colin Tan


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28-year-old Colin Tan is a photographer who wants his subjects to look good, or psychotic, or having a blast … throw in fun, weirdness and the occasional lunacy. “Honestly, I think I’m not even a 100% photographer,” Colin jokes. “I use so much photoshop that the camera is only 20-30% of the result; I take a shot in ten minutes and three hours are spent on editing it. Together with my friends and affiliates, we always look forward to shooting for fun … oh yeah… and for art’s sake.”

As part of their pre-wedding shoot, this pair decided to capture some moments with their car. This is one of the installments of a theme shoot choreographed, shot and edited by Colin. “Photography makes up 30%, while the post-production accounts for 70% to create this “comic-strip” effect,” Colin explains. “The colors are stark and the texture appears waxy, making the image look loud but not over-exaggerated.”



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