Spotted! Anthony (ANTZ) Chong


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For their 17th issue, published a series of works marking this year’s World Aids Day. One of my favorites is Anthony (ANTZ) Chong’s contribution which you see above. I personally feel like he nailed it on this illustration, with some really weird ass imagery and striking color choices. Be sure to click on the image for a close-up view.

About his artwork, ANTZ says: “I was inspired by old school giant Japanese heroes and monsters fighting and destroying anything that’s under their feet. The visual is reflecting the social and health problems that AIDS brought to us. They are larger than life problems which any size human being is not able to cope with …the rest is up to the viewer to figure out.”


Anthony Chong -aka ANTZ– has been drawing and illustrating for leisure and work. Collating both cultures and urban influences, corresponding to what he has seen and learnt, ANTZ has been successfully involved in renowned projects and international events such as ADIDAS, NIKE, IdN, Converse, Taggerbags, Tiger Translate, Ministry of Sound (Singapore), MTV Asia and many more.



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