Spotted! David Wang


19-year-old David Wang is a student with a passion for music and art. “Through the years, I have been prolifically producing songs and artworks that reflect the monotony and irony of life,” he says. “Producing these works is like a spiritual routine that liberates me from my mediocre and mundane life.”

Of his work, entitled ‘In the Name of Love’, David says “My work was selected for the Noise 2007 collection, and this is the story behind the title …

In a filthy place there lives a boy
Whose life is about to be destroyed
All his days he has to go to school
And all night long he has to read his books

To appease his mom day by day
He has to do his homework everyday
Although there is nothing going to his mind
He just continues to kill the time

But still his mom cries to him everyday
“Where’s your mind at anyway?
Can you just focus on what you are doing?
It costs me so much to pay for your schooling!”

Then his spirit comes crashing down
And he starts to think that he can’t move on
Because the life he is desperately hanging on
Has been in her hand for too long

One day, she tells him to be cunning to survive
So he looks around the people in his life
Their hearts are governed by depravities
Their minds are circumscribed by iniquities

And they willingly sold their souls for the gold
That they have been lusting for long time ago
They might be gaining the world
But he thinks they are losing their souls

So he never listens and she thinks he is dumb
But it is his mind that is really getting numb
She is feeding him with way too much junk
In the end he will throw it to the garbage dump

She says that his values are shallow
But he thinks that it is his heart that is hollow
The truth of life is too hard to swallow
All that he can do is to cry in the shadows



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