Spotted! Muhd Firdaus


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Muhd Firdaus turns 20 this year. He is a final year student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts taking a diploma in Visual Communication.”Photography came about during my second year at NAFA, when I first got my hands on a friend’s camera,” Firdaus explains. “I just fell in love with it. I got my first DSLR after some hard earned savings and that’s when I got serious about photography. I like to shoot things that happen around me on daily basis, and I pay a lot of attention to the details. I love taking photos of the skies and clouds, urban landscapes and still lifes.”

About his photograph: “I took this shot from my school building. It was during class, and I just felt like leaving the room and get a drink. It was a boring lesson so I started looking around in search of things to photograph. Good thing I brought my camera with me that day. Something nice came out of boredom I would say.”



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