Spotted! Chan Mei Hsien


I first locked eyes on Chan Mei Hsien‘s beautiful drawings when I browsed the Noise 2007 brochure. What makes her work so amazing are the delicately interlaced lines, traveling continuously within the boundaries of the paper.

Mei Hsien received her diploma in Fine Art (Printmaking) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, and is currently freelancing in graphic design and portrait drawing. “I am a printmaker who likes to experiment with figurative lines in my prints and drawings. Drawing has always been an integral part in my art practice,” she says. “I started doing portraiture in 2004 with a print series titled Man In Crisis. The ‘Man’ in the title implies mankind in general -the white collar group- and my subjects have recently morphed into political figures. I also incorporate drawings with digital imaging to create graphic works.”

Of her work, titled Duo Crisis, Mei Hsien says: “I enjoyed the spontaneity and energy in the process of creating the artwork. I was led by a line focusing on the figures from the projection, removing all details from the background. The line runs continuously within the restricted space without a break. Humor is imperative and I draw with a touch of witticism, the confident, in my one-eyed man series. The work displays my fascination with lines – how they can transform into a drawing, especially in portraiture.”



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