Banner Shuffle: Afiq Norzali


The simplicity of the composition, the pools of color and the banality of two people climbing the stairs in unison, make up for a beautiful shot by 17-year old do-it-yourself shutterbug, Afiq Norzali. I invited him to churn out a banner, so that we could plaster it on our site and stare at it for the entire month of November.

“The picture was taken at Tekka mall. I had never seen a staircase that colorful before,” Afiq clarifies, “so I decided to take a picture of it. Shooting this photograph has opened quite a few doors for me: it was shortlisted twice for Noise Singapore. This was my first time joining a competition. Participating has inspired me even more and has made me more confident.”

Afiq is currently taking his O-levels. “It’s destroying my brain,” he says. “I’m hoping that photography will help me understand myself more, and also help me share my emotions and feelings with the people around me. Caring is sharing! I was hooked on photography the minute I got my hands on an SLR. I’m saving up to buy a digital camera, to make it easier for myself. But cameras are expensive. But I just love taking pictures. I get impatient waiting for the results. I also tend to be more careful when framing my subjects, and I try to make the most of the thirty-six frames I have.”

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