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Method is part of a long-term project of portraits taken by 23-year old Sean Lee. The collection documents the exploration of Sean’s private, internal world through the personage of Shauna, a transsexual.

“Shauna is presented in both public and private moments of fear or despondency, even vanity or disinterest, where through it all she remains alone and silent,” Sean explains. “At times surreal and other-worldly, the images are also harshly realistic. The series powerfully assimilates actual and constructed reality through Shauna – at both times a person and a concept, yet always genuine.”


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“To convincingly transform myself, I spent a lot of time interacting with transsexuals – also known as ladyboys – in Siem Reap, Cambodia and Singapore,” Sean continues. “Sometimes as myself and sometimes as Shauna, I continue to navigate both this unfamiliar external world and my unchartered psychological journey. The process of transforming into Shauna and well, as becoming myself again takes hours and has significant personal impact – both physically and mentally.”



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