Spotted! Irene Teng


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Sydney based artist, Irene Teng, recently completed her Bachelor of Digital Media at the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts. Irene works on the boundaries of perceived notions about sexuality.

“My process of creating work requires me to go back and forth between analogue and digital which I enjoy immensely -although tedious-,” Irene explains. “My love of dots as a pattern gave me the idea to incorporate them into my work.”

‘Endearing as it is, never believe that progress has taken place’ is Irene’s own comment upon her illustration titled Drops of Milk. “The work is an exploration of sexuality, especially within current times, heavily influenced by and criticizing the “imposed perspective” by society and the media,” Irene explains. “Our constant obsession with sex becomes an extravagant extension of ourselves,” Irene adds. “We use it as an excuse to smooth down our egos yet the end product will always just be “Drops of Milk” and nothing more …”



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