Spotted! Tony Chew


Image Source: Crowning Stroke.

One of the finalists of a recent Crowning Stroke competition was 22-year old Tony Chew. Tony put together a design titled ‘Propaganda Is The Message‘, incorporating the characters designed under his moniker All Hail Neuveville, and touching largely on social and political issues.

“The design combines my passion for street art and my interest in social and political happenings,” Tony says. “I certainly hope my future works could follow in the footsteps of Banksy, Obey and other street artists that I respect.”


Tony Chew is an interactive designer. “Although most of the works you will see on my site are illustrations, Interactive Design is my niche. Well… I suppose that and street art. I like the whole aspect of street culture, fashion and lifestyle. I am also interested in philosophy. I know my interests are extreme, but that’s just me. I seriously think I’m a bit of a nerd.”

Earlier this year, Tony’s entry for the Diesel Wall Competition was on display in New York as part of the Diesel Exhibition. Tony was also a finalist in a Trexi Design Competition and a Vimobot Design Competition, and his work was also featured in Playtimes magazine.



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