Spotted! Joanne Lin


Chordata is a project by 22-year old Joanne Lin. The design is made up of four square polypropylene sheets and two customized clips, and is mainly a pendant lamp shielding a lightbulb. As Joanne states, “The lamp was conceptualized from a design brief that gave two limitations: using polypropylene (PP) sheets, and collapsible for flat-packing and/or mailing. The process was very experimental, playing around with the quality of the material and the quality of the light with different bulbs and shading. The outcome was a harmony of construction and completion. The combination creates a glowing luminaire, and the effect of the glow softens the quality of the material used. The unexpected flair created by the cuts and folds emanate a guarded space, enhancing the quality of light within.”

About herself: “As a designer, I am an idealist by nature. I am driven by intuition and meaning behind designs so that it connects to the user in a special way. I am inspired greatly by nature and enjoy the beauty it provides. This perhaps sparked my interest in especially Scandinavian design where design and nature is often merged harmoniously to create lasting, desirable products. My current goal is to one day pursue my studies in Scandinavia to learn, experience as well as grow as a designer. I enjoy the responsibility of being a designer, and I enjoy happy end-users… don’t you?”



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